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My friend bought a hastybake about six months back on one of their big sales. He went all in on one of the all stainless models. Assembly was easy, well built , but… the thing leaked so much air he couldn’t control the temp. He called and they were happy to talk to him about the problem. Hastybake talked about the expansion of stainless vs steel. Probably expansion causing gaps in lid/fire box. He had watched all their  videos and this issue was never mentioned. More research revealed this was a problem, usually solved by adding gaskets at the closures, which he did. He can now keep it low enough to go low and slow,  but not without some effort. So , anybody here have that experience?


I think Hastybake knows all about this, so why not fix the problem b4 shipping the grills? I thought about one many times, glad I didn’t.

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I have a friend with a hastybake.  His works fine, but it is not as fine tuned in terms of control as our kamados are.  It takes some getting used to and it also takes a mind set that allows you to realize that fine tuned temp control is NOT a requirement for bbq and grilling.  IF you want fine tuned control you need something different.


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