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Best way to repaint Weber Kettle?

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Hi guys! I'm posting here because I think this is a DIY question, but mods feel free to move this to the 
"non Kamado" section of the forum.


I have a 1995 Weber kettle, it's been sitting unused for years now, and I'm considering trying to refurbish it since it's not in terrible condition. I would really like to repaint it. I have the obligatory black grill, I'd ideally like to paint it blue to match my Louisiana Grills Kamado (and my favorite color), but if not I'd like to redo the black. What is the best paint to use for this? For anyone who has done this before, any tips or suggestions for getting the best possible finish?


Thank you for your help!




Edit: I am really interested in repainting the Weber, and I know it can be done. But I am now wondering if it's possible to repaint an Akorn steel keg Kamado as well. If anyone has any thoughts on that, I'd appreciate your help here


Thanks again!



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Hi guys! I have some high temp caliper paint (good to 900 degrees F) I’m going to try to repaint the lid of a Weber Q that I recently got for camping. I think I’m going to see how that comes out before I do the Weber kettle. 

I joined, but have not posted to, the Weber Kettle Club. I think the consensus of the true believers is that they prefer to keep them original and not repaint them. They regard fade as patina. My grill I think is still solid, but has rust around where the legs insert, and I think it could use a new coat of paint. And if I’m going to paint it anyway, I might as well paint it blue to match ny Kamado and my favorite color, right?


Thanks for the help! 

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3 hours ago, SmokeMaker said:

I might as well paint it blue to match ny Kamado and my favorite color, right?

I'd agree with that.  It will be more difficult to get complete coverage of a new color rather than the original, without the original color showing through.  But a few coats should do it.






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@BoaterThank you for your reply! Yes, I think I'd like to paint it. I Think this break caliper paint will work, I'm going to repaint my Weber Q portable camping grill and see how that goes. If it goes well, I think I will try it on the Weber kettle. And, if all that goes well I think I may used this paint to repair some nasty chips I have in the finish on my Louisiana Grills ceramic Kamado.


Thanks again for your help!



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Back in my "Riding the Learning Curve" days, I got my Akorn so hot that I burned the paint and finish off my bottom ash catcher (see wikipedia - temperature of the sun). After prepping the rough spots, I gave it a couple coats of high temperature engine paint. That was years ago and the finish is holding up like new. I'm sure the hi-temp bbq paint would also do a good job. Nice thing about the engine paint is that it comes in a variety of colors.


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