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Bottom Shelf Replacement

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Just got my replacement bottom shelf.  Original one finally rusted out after 9 years of abuse/neglect.


Is it absolutely necessary to remove the lid and flip the thing over in order to remove the old shelf and install the new one?  It seems like the shelf holds the legs together, so I'm a little afraid to try and do it with the grill upright since the legs probably weren't designed to support the body without the cart there, but just wondering if anyone's had experience trying it.

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Update for anyone who is going to do this - you don't need to turn it upside down as long as you prop up the front two legs on something once you take the wheels / axel out.  The main benefit of turning upside down is to access the screw that holds the back of the shelf into the rear leg.  That's a major PiTA when the grill is still upright, and I wouldn't do it if you have a bad back and don't like twisting in weird positions.  I ended up propping the read wheel up on a block just to have a little more room and reduce the stress on my back, but overall it was pretty easy.

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