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vintage kamado (think its an Imperial??) need firebox


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Hello, 1st time post so hope its in the right place.


I have been reading a lot (and calling around a lot) to find any info on this kamado that my grandparents brought back from Japan decades ago.

I need a fire box (see pics) and I was hopeful when  I found about about Kamado King.... but I have tried contacting them (via email) several times and can not get any response..I hope all is well with them.

As you can see I pieced it back together with Resbond but I would buy a new one in a heart beat if I can find one. The OD measures 16" which makes it a in between size for buying more contemporary parts for BGE and such.


If you see other things I need please let em know


I have also called around to "pottery" and ceramic places in my state but no one does high temp clay or any molding stuff like this .


At any rate, any info would be very appreciated at this point as I have the compulsion to fix this thing up and use it in memory of my grandparents.


Pics attached and I can get more.


Thanks for reading







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8 minutes ago, Jack. said:

:welcome: Alset2.

Thank you...lots of information on this website..I have read until my eyes bleed some nights. Maybe one day I will be able to contribute.

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2 hours ago, cmiller said:



have you found this site?



Thank you


Yes, they are the ones who I have emailed a few times with no response.

The closest I have found to my 16" diameter is BGE medium (its 15" diameter). 


Sorry, if this posts twice, my 1st one disappeared


Can anyone tell me if this in fact an Imperial ?






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  • 3 weeks later...

Ok, so today my Uncle found this flyer buried in my grandparents files, it appears it a Kikuya Hibachipot.

I am still interested in any info anyone has on them... especially parts.


As an update, I glued whats left of the fire pot back together and did one test run. The next day we cooked a 4lb BB and it turned out very good. I have since fashioned up a heat deflector using a 12" pizza stone and look forward to cooking with that in place.

Attached is the  flyer, complete with incorrect English grammar and typos lol




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