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My KJ Classic II arrived this morning! Mine included METAL side tables. Is that unusual?

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My Classic II arrived this morning and it feels a bit like Christmas! Not sure why I love BBQ and grilling so much, but it's definitely a consistent passion in my life.


Every video about the Classic II that I have seen says that it comes with heat resistant plastic side tables. But mine are definitely metal. Is this new, or did I just get really lucky? (Like maybe they ran out of the plastic ones and just threw in some metal ones.)


I had a Big Green Egg for about four years and it took me almost a year to get a charcoal torch. What a great investment that was! I ordered it early and got it yesterday. Smart thinking, right? Just one problem. My wife pointed out that the propane won't get here until next week. DOH!!!

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Welcome, @Sybert.  I got a Classic 1 last year that also had the metal side tables.  It seems that KJ is changing that feature and just not changing their description.  Mine are also ferric (or at least react to a magnet) so they don't fit the description of the aluminum tables for the Series 3.


Good thinking on the starter :) But you should be able to fire that grill up with some paraffin, alcohol, or other starters until that tank arrives.  I certainly wouldn't want to look at that brand new grill and not use it!

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Haha. Yeah, I had some firestarters. We just moved in with my 92 year old Mom to take care of her and one of my first purchases was a new grill. I almost got a Kamado (I used to own a Green Egg and loved it), but I decided to try out one of the Masterbuilt Gravity Fed cookers. I used firestarters to get that started.


The Masterbuilt isn't a bad cooker, and I made some delicious food, but there were just lots of little things that bothered me:

  1. My Egg spoiled me with how fuel efficient it was. I cooked a brisket on my Masterbuilt and I had to fill the charcoal hopper (which is pretty large) THREE times. It was getting expensive.
  2. My BGE could get a little greasy but I couldn't even get close to the Masterbuilt without coming away with grease all over my hands and arms. It was also leaving grease stains on the patio.
  3. The Masterbuilt was built fairly well, but I just felt like something was going to break every time I turned it on. There are lots of wires under the cooking area and even near the fire box. Didn't trust it.
  4. I watched a guy clean his Masterbuilt and it took an HOUR. There are five or six parts that you have to take out, degrease, scrub down, season with PAM, and re-install. (45 minutes at 600 degrees and my Egg looked new!)
  5. The final straw was last Saturday. I cooked a brisket, then bumped the temperature to 325. I looked 5 minutes later and the temp in my Masterbuilt was close to 500! I opened the lid and the inside of the grill was on fire. (Grease fire from the brisket.) I felt very safe doing overnight cooks with my Egg. My wife and I didn't trust an overnight cook on the Masterbuilt. (It was sitting on our patio and there was a wooden trellis and some wooden beams 5 or 6 feet away.)

Got my Classic II today and it was like coming home. :-) Started with burgers and hot dogs and they came out great. I detected more of a charcoal flavor!

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I also bought a KJ Classic I last year and it came with the metal shelves as well. I'm thinking its just easier for them to put the same shelves on everything instead of keeping separate stock, but who knows... just glad to get them.

A magnet sticks to mine as well so not aluminum.

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Still don't know why KJ put plastic shelves on their grills to me that's the only complaint I have with my grill but that's my opinion.

Good comparison of the grills last Winter I spent 5 weeks in Calif with my wife's son and family. They were here for Christmas 2 years ago and really like my KJ classic and thought about getting one. When he was close to getting one I suggested he go with an Akorn ( He never used charcoal before he visited here ) He didn't like messing with charcoal (so he gave it to his son in-law who loves it) so he got a Traeger. Now they have discussions on which grill is better and blame me for the rivalry. We had several cook offs. Between the 2 grills I prefer the Akorn flavor. I am now called "bad grandpa" by the wives for starting the rivalry, and introducing them to Makers Mark during the post cook debriefing. As long as you enjoy your grill that's all that maters. 

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