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Kamado Joe Classic 3 in a 22 inch door


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Hey! New to the forum and am very exciting to be buying my first kamado grill!


I'm planning to go for a Kamado Joe Classic 3, although I need to fit it through a 56cm (22 inch) door to do so. I'm thinking that the way to do it is to remove the handles, tilt it to the side, open the lid and angle it out (with a friend or two!). Does that sound possible? Has anyone managed to get it through a similar sized door?


Any advice would be great!

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Welcome to the forum and good luck with that 22” door issue! Definitely enlist the help of some friends - the KJ is heavy. You can remove the dome top - that might make things easier.

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Welcome, @Willib.  I was hoping someone would come up with a more definitive answer to your question, but as no one has yet, here's my 2¢ worth.  


I have a Classic 1, I'm told the v3 is 4 inches taller (in the base). 


if you just consider the ceramic itself, mine measures almost exactly 22 inches across at the widest part (the seal).  So if the door _opening_ is 22 inches, it might barely fit.  But any doors would likely need to be removed, and some of the frame could well be making that opening less than 22 inches.


in order for that to work, you may need to remove the brackets that hold the shelves - pretty simple, 8 acorn nuts. Because those brackets extend wider, and you'll have enough issues.  


the other approach would be to disassemble the cooker and carry the top and bottom through separately.  My base is 17 inches tall, so if the v3 is 4 inches taller, you would have an inch to spare.  But that's a few "maybe's" there, it would be better if you had the actual height of the v3 base ceramic.  The dome is only about a foot tall, so not as much of an issue.


THis approach would require disassembly of the bands, a more complex job than just taking off the side table brackets.  It also would still be a tight fit, counting on approximated dimensions to be correct - I'd call the retailer for an accurate dimension.


THere are lots of YouTube videos about taking the bands off a KJ, not sure I'd trust any old video.  But I think @John Setzler has one for the new (v2+) hinge that should help.


Hope some of this is useful.



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