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Add Some Fun To Your Weenie(s)

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Grilling accessories. Question: What more could you ask for on Father’s Day? Answer: Be careful what you ask for. So, I wanted a “really cool” grilling accessory when asked what to get me for Father’s Day. After the unwrapping ceremony, I said “Huh?”. This thing, as the packaging indicates, is to keep your hot dogs (weenies) from becoming boring. Well for a gag gift, this thing is pretty cool. You can use just about any “cold and firm” tubular meat product to give them slots. The extra long length should handle your jumbo wieners. A firm rocking motion does the trick to get the slots cut. Be careful! The blades are very sharp. It actually does a nice job of cooking the dogs thoroughly and they do look pretty cool! Definitely, not boring.  

Be warned. The first time you use this device, it is a little disturbing. I had visions of my wife standing by the bedside late at night holding this thing in one hand and a smile on her face. Does anybody remember John Wayne Bobbit? That unfortunate incident happened just about 50 miles from where we live.

I think my wife got it at the local ACE hardware store. They also have a website at www.slotdog.com

Just thought I would share some Father’s Day Fun.  :)

SlotDog (1).jpg

SlotDog (2).jpg

SlotDog (3).jpg

SlotDog (4).jpg

SlotDog (5).jpg

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They work better on hotdogs as opposed to brats.  Skin too tough.  I would have to use a rubber mallet and then, how long would it last.   SWMBO got it for me as maybe a gag gift.  She knows I don't eat hotdogs, just brats.

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