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Big Joe 3 Reverse sear problems, can't get to "Inferno" mode after initial slow cook

Robert Haas

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Start with a full basket of Fogo premium lump charcoal, do the slow double indirect with the slow roller and the half round plates. Once I arrive at my desired temp I pull the meat off and disassemble the diverters. pull the slow roller out and open the pit wide open. Never get to a full inferno and have never seen temps above 600. Frustrating as I really want to get the thing up to disastrous temps so the soap stone can do what it is supposed to.  I want 750 never got close.

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My only guess that might cause anything like what you describe is if the airflow in your grill is choked off by ash.  Have you cleaned it out recently?  Other than that, I have no idea.  If I did what you describe, my grill would have the thermometer pegged in short order.


The other point I would make is that 600 is already plenty high for searing on a soapstone.  As long as your stone is also at that temp and not just set in there, it would give you a perfectly good sear.

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