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How the heck do you get the kamado in the table??

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We have a Big Joe 3 and just purchased the JJ George table. 
How on earth do you lift it up over the top and set it in the table? 

And then how would you go about getting it out?  There's a good possibility we're moving next year and I would think it would have to come out of the table to move it safely. 

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Generally, it takes 3 or four strong friends, maybe a couple of six packs, and  usually some pizza cooked on your new or transplanted kamado. You could also throw in a Cesar salad for good measure. The more people you use the easier and safer the process is. Be careful not to grab handles, bands, etc for hand holds as you can pull them out of position and alignment. When we put my EGG in its cart we used four guys two standing up and two on their knees to catch the weight on the bottom as it came through the hole. Also make sure you lock the wheels on your table so it does not move during the placement. 

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If you’re over 35 hire movers. You’re friends are too old. Nobody wants to slip a disc for pizza and 2 bud lights.E578CDDB-81ED-422A-AC08-AD545D6E13C5_4_5005_c.jpeg.66d86884c4168aaf27ffd25d4a949e47.jpeg



Saw this and saved it for just such an occassion, fits me to a tee.  Those things are heavy.  I use ratchet straps and a stinger on my tractor bucket to move my BJ if it is necessary.  

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