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Brine Pork Loin - try it

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We brined this piece of pork loin for 24 hours in a basic salt brine.  It made a huge difference in the final result.  I cooked it at about 300°f with hickory and towards the end it was given multiple coats of peach BBQ sauce Mrs philpom made from our 2021 harvest.


Pulled at an internal temp of 142°f.  It was exceptionally tender and moist.






Thanks for looking, brine one, I'm certain you'll enjoy!


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That looks fantastic! I think pork loin will be my next cook. I’ve never done one before. I agree with you about the brine. I never used to brine pork shoulder, but now I dry brine it and it makes a world of difference. BTW, if you have any remaining peaches, I’ll happily take them off your hands! I miss the peach tree we had in our backyard at our former house.

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Last Tuesday, I bought a couple of forlorn-looking packages of humble pork chops that were sitting on the shelf with a "Manager's Special: $2.19" tag on them.  (I always look for such tags, because it means that the meat has come to its "Sell-By Date" after which the store must legally throw them away. I like to "rescue" meat.)  So, I marinated them in an impromptu mixture of Worcestershire sauce, ground mustard, and of course salt. Then slapped them on the grill next day, and within just a few minutes had something unexpectedly delicious. 


"Brining" really does make a difference.  (And, yes, "there is a chemical reason for it.")

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8 minutes ago, fotoflux said:

They claim brining helps retain moisture. that sure looks like the case with your pork loin.  I typically avoid that cut because it can be dry, but those pictures have me tempted.

Give it a try, you are right, pork loin can turn in to leather pretty fast.  The key is to brine it for a day or 2, cook it indirect at medium high and pull it right around 140f.  It'll be great! 

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I’m cooking one this weekend. Was toying between a couple of different methods, but am planning low and slow with a high heat finish to tack up a sauce/glaze that I put together yesterday in an experiment of trying to recreate a commercial mustard sauce. It was easy and turned out really good. I’ll dry brine overnight. Looking forward to it, as it will be my first pork tenderloin!

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