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Thermopro Instant Read Thermometers


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I have decided to become an affiliate with Thermopro.  I use these thermometers and I feel confident in being able to recommend them, especially at their fantastic price point...




These are the two I currently have and I have the newer TP620 on the way.  The orange one in the photo is the Thermopro TP19H:




At $18.99 you simply can not go wrong with this one.  I get read times of 2 to 2.5 seconds consistently with this model.  The second one is the Thermopro TP19:




Its a more durable build and i absolutely LOVE the really bright red LED display.  This thermometer consistently produces readings at the 2 second mark.  It's $29.99.  


Discount Code: MANCAVEMEALS for 20% off.  


I have ordered the newer TP620 (49.99) so I can check it out also but it's not here yet: https://bit.ly/3zPQibO




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Just now, TKOBBQ said:

Thanks for posting this John.  I'm kinda of eyeing the TP19, seems that the display is easier to read with the red letters.


My 620 just arrived... here's what the displays look like:




The back light on the TP19h (orange model in the middle) is not always on so it looks like a typical LCD normally.  I do like the reversed back lit LCD on the 620 for sure....



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