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Fan for Blaze Kamado


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Researching here I saw that a couple people have designed a fan/cook temp  gizmo similar to the Ikamand I use on my Kamado Joe.  My Blaze is set in a ss cabinet and the kamado air door is down under with a shelf below it.  I have some old computer box and cpu fans. My cabinet is on wheels I'm considering mounting a fan to a stand with a rechargeable power pack and a manual on/off switch I can lift off once the coals are lit. Do I need to make a fan barrel to fit the hole or would a fan free standing on the shelf be

sufficient? Any and all thoughts, comments or ideas would be appreciated.





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You mention lifting it off once the coals are lit. Is that the only thing you’d use it for? If so, I’d think there are lots of easier ways to get your fire going faster than trying to figure out how to mount a fan. Maybe something like a Looftlighter.




A freestanding fan would also provide the airflow you need to get the fire going.


If you want to use it as a temp controller, so that the fan kicks on if temp starts to drop, that seems even more difficult as a DIY project. Most of the aftermarket fan controllers have universal mounts, but that Blaze vent looks pretty unique. I’m not sure an aftermarket mount would work.


How well does the Blaze hold steady temps? I’ve toyed with a fan controller, but my KJ holds temps steady for hours and hours, so I haven’t come across a situation where I need one. I haven’t done an overnight cook, but even if I did, I know I can get at least 12 hours of steady temp. I also have a Thermoworks Smoke that would alert me if temp goes out of upper or lower thresholds.

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I did some testing. The Blaze holds very consistent temps. I used 4 probes at different levels and sides. 

I found with my Ikammand on my KJ my favorite part was the 20 min start mode.


One of the issues with the Blaze is there is a secondary grid behind the door which would seem to me to restrict a forced air flow.  In addition the KJ blows air in underneath the coal grate while the Blaze is into a tray.

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