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Pizza Screens

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I am a big fan of pizza from my KJ, but I have always had a constant struggle to get the top browned as much as I would like before burning the bottom.  I use a DoJoe, and have always liked it better since you can watch what's happening and in general does a better job of bringing heat down from the top.  But still, I would have trouble getting the results just the way I wanted, mostly because I usually want to use more toppings than is probably ideal.


After thinking on it a while, I decided that getting the bottom off the stone would give it just that little more time to cook the top.  So, enter the pizza screen.  In general, a pizza screen is actually supposed to help the bottom cook faster instead of being on a pan.  But in this setting, I thought just that little extra space would slow it down just enough.  Gave it a try tonight for the first time, and it worked great.  Even cooking across the top, and not a sign of burning on the bottom.  Just perfectly crisp crust.


So, if anybody else has the same struggle as me, maybe give a pizza screen a try.  I picked up 6 12" aluminum screens for $15 on Amazon.  Used parchment paper under them because I made the pizzas up a little ahead of when the grill was ready and didn't want them to stick.  Worked so good I'll probably just continue that way.








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Very nice, I have been using the screens for a while now and confirm that they work well. We grease them slightly, dust with flour and then build the pizza on the screen. Once the pizza has been in the kamado for 2 mins you can release it easily from the screen and finish cooking it directly on the stone. 

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