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Anova Red

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"Anova Red" is the name for the partnership between Anova, manufacturer of kitchen and cooking tools and Red, an organization dedicated to fighting AIDS and, most recently, COVID.

If you do a search of "Project Red-Anova Cutlery" you will see several of their sous vide controllers at pretty sharply discounted prices.  It does not appear to be a separate, lower quality line of products.  It looks like the same controllers Anova has offered in the past, just at discounted prices.

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Not seeing the deep discount here - maybe you're comparing different models (The Nano is less powerful than the Precision and the Precision Pro). The right one for you depends primarily on how many people you cook for.

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On the website that comes up when I Google Anova-Red  there are 3 sous-vide controllers listed:

-the Precision Nano for $99.0.00 US

-the Precision Cooker for $149.00 US

-the Precision Cooker Pro for $199.00 US

According to their page, that's $30 off the Nano, $50 off the Precision, and $100 off the Pro.  I can't tell if the original prices they list are inflated so as to exaggerate the discount.



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