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Asian Inspired Shrimp Salad

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This preparation started out as a way to make a pound of those U-25 precooked, supermarket shrimp into something  that tastes good and could serve as either a side dish or as a light salad entree.  Also, because I am not a fan of mayonnaise, it had to rely on non-traditional seasonings and sauce.

As a base, I used Thai Sweet Chili sauce and added sesame oil, red chili flakes, finely minced garlic and rice wine vinegar.  To this I added 1 pound of U-25 precooked, shelled shrimp cut into 2-3 chunks each, sweet onion in fine dice, red bell pepper in 1/4” dice, sweet & spicy red cherry peppers in 1/2" dice, and a small bunch of cilantro coarsely chopped.  Refrigerated for 4 hours before I seasoned it lightly with sea salt flakes and plated it on a bed of chard, spinach and baby kale dressed with garlic-infused EVOO. Yum.

Thanks for Looking and Happy Cooking.










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Many thanks @TKOBBQ.  Because I no longer eat red meat and have avoided "white carbs" for almost 4 years now, I have been forced to either get creative with ingredients and methods or let my cooking sink into a chore instead of a joy.  So far so good, at least for the most part. 

Thanks for noticing. :)

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