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Classic still chugging along


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9yrs later the classic is still making yummy food..


So far no issues with this thing. Only thing replaced so far is the gasket this past year. Use the Joe quite a bit too.


Firebowl cracked maybe 6yrs back- have the replacement for it but never swapped it out.


Broke heat deflector few cooks back using pizza stone as deflector. Didn't realize how expensive things have gotten





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Good post. So many times we see a guru looking for a grill to be perfect and the grill to  read the cooks mind to see exactly what they want.


I have the KJ II and have lost paint on the control tower.


Never did put in for a new one….the original works just as good missing paint.

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I had a KJ II for a long time. Over the years I replaced the gasket, firebox clays, the top air vent with one like Mikes. Finally the wing table supports started to go, the firebox scoop holder deteriorated and the clamp rings were beginning to show their age. I donated it. Good toy for a long time but I live by the sea and the salt in the air took it out. The new one I have is cast aluminum and it's been fun learning the cooking differences between the two.


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