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Weber Smokefire Gen 2: Reviews vs Reality


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I used a friend’s Weber EX6 to make some brisket he picked from a farm to market in Calgary.  The overnight cook went off without a hitch.  We used a little bit of Pam on the Shute of the pellet hopper to prevent the pellets from flowing unevenly.  

The software worked flawlessly.  The cook went much smoother than the butts I cooked on a Traeger Ironwood which experienced 2 flame out errors during a butt smoking session.


Harry Soo uses the Smokefire in several videos with great success.  

As long as you are using a water pan with low and slow cooks, the smoke fire performs well with solid temp consistency.  All pellet grills have deliberate temp swings to create smoke. 

the older units with perfect +\- 5 temps produced poor smoke.  At 250 F, the Smokefire would occasionally jump to 275 F to generate more smoke.  That swing would last for 15 minutes with the grill returning to 250 F. 

I find too many negative reviews if the  Smokefire Gen2 are written by people who expect the grill to do the work for them versus a pit master who learns the strengths and weakness of the smoker and adapts his/her cooking techniques to get the most out of the smoker. 

The second you insert drip pans with a little water, the Smokefire performs just as well as the Timberline.  

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