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Kamado in the southern hemisphere


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Hello fellow bbq peeps. 

Bought an akorn about 9 months ago. Dealing with the learning curve for low and slow but loving the process. Have charcoaled grilled plenty of spatchcocked chooks, steaks, prawns etc. Starting to trust the dome thermometer more and that is helping me with longer cooks. Cranked up up to 650farenheit for pizza tonight. Turned out great. Cooked quickly and with great woodfired flavour. Plenty to always think about with improving my next cooks even when it goes well. Looking forward to hearing some great bbq recipes from U dudes







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Thanks guys. Also thanks to John for the informative book- lots to learn! I realise my previously posted pics were a bit slapdash- previous post has an 8 hour smoked lamb shoulder. Probably cooked around 250-280 degrees. Wrapped in foil about 5 hours in. Took it off about 197 internal and it pulled very well. Would probably give it a bit longer next time so that it was probing about 200 all over. But it was delicious and made a ragu and a Xinjiang lamb noodle soup with the lamb leftovers in the week after.


Other pic is off an attempt at chicken and pork Shwarmas. Stuck the skewers in potatoes so the meat would stand up and cook. Probably cooked for about 15 mins at 500 (roughly!). 


Finally, attached another pic of pizza cooked last night. Put the diffuser on the grill then placed a pizza steel on firebrick above the diffuser. As mentioned yesterday it was hot- damn hot- 650 f. Cooked in about 8 minutes...doesn't seem to have melted any gaskets so I would do that again and might try some more tandoor type items at that heat.


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