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So today, football Saturday I thought ribs would be good with the game (Boomer Sooner!) AND I also had a pork loin for some pulled pork for my Scotts Chips so I fired up the KJ at about 8 am ish. Normal routine of some hickory chunks burred in the lump for later in the cook, and a couple cherry disks on top to get started.


The set up



And to be different this time I filled the drip pan with water.. never used water in the KJ before



Add the meat!! A little bacon on top of the loin for tenderness and flavor



and about 4 hours later at 250.. looking pretty good.



Sauce on the ribs 



And about half an hour later, time to eat! YUM



Which leaves that loin.. took it off about another 4 hours later



So now I'll put the loin in a crockpot for a few more hours then pull it for my chips. Cant wait.. tomorrow probably.



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11 hours ago, TKOBBQ said:

Nice cook.  I've used loin before and tried pulling it but it didn't work out really well for me.  I ended up making chopped pork out of it.

Yeah, I have heard that about trouble pulling loin but never really had a problem with it.. I'll let you know how it turns out.

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So I said I would report back on the loin pulling so here we go


The meat in question..



Partially pulled



And done



And a close up



So one observation to make about this whole cook in general, ribs and loin, was that the addition of the water bath seemed to make both pieces of meat drier than normal.. no clue as to why.

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