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Cover for Akron w/cart

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I'm getting an Akorn with the cart instead of side shelves and wondering what cover folks are using. The reviews of the Char Griller cover are pretty bad, lots of people say it cracks and splits in a year or two. 


I live in Nevada so it only rains 10-15 times a year, but when it does it's monsoon rain (backyard floods). We also have frequent high winds and of course brutal summer heat. It pretty much has to sit outside in the exposed sun all year as well.


Any suggestions appreciated, thanks!

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Well, my Akorn (Junior ...) today simply sits outside, covered with nothing.  (Northwest Georgia, USA.)


(Full disclosure: I lived twelve years in Scottsdale, Arizona ...)


The bottom half of the firepot is removed and turned upside-down, propped-up by a couple pieces of wood, vents open.  The top vent, slightly open, is covered loosely by a pet-food bowl.  In this way, "air can very-freely get anywhere and everywhere," but "rain has no easy way to get in, and, if it does, it has nowhere to stay."


After every cook, I religiously remove (recycle ...) the charcoal, discard the ash, and then, with soap and water and a light scrubber, wash and scrub-down the grill and all the metal surfaces inside and out, then wipe dry. A five-minute ritual. Years later, it all still looks "as good as new."


I briefly used a cover, but quickly observed that (in the naturally-wet conditions where I now live ...) moisture was often hiding under the cover.  So, I got rid of it and never missed it.


In the desert, I submit that you have little practical use for "a cover."  Simply make sure that water, whenever it occasionally comes, cannot linger.  The desert sun will not affect paint.  Store it under the edge of the porch ... just in case.

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When I had an Akorn, I had a fantastic Char Griller cover. Worst thing it did was fade. Imagine that.


Reviews. So many reviewers are paid to do so, probably by the seller or tend to be negative to influence a buy to different product.


I have bought many items with negative reviews and not had a problem.


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I have used this cover for the last five years. It has stood up reasonably well for me here in the northern Nevada conditions, although I have kept it under the carport. Still, it is outside and exposed to the extreme heat (100+) and cold (0-) we have here. It is a little big, but still works well with my Akorn and cart. It appears to be on sale now at Amazon ($41), so you really can't go wrong. I'm thinking about picking up another to have as a spare when this one gives up.

Also, the emptying and cleaning of the ash pan after each cook is sound advise. Good luck!

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