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Put new wheels on my Weber Summit

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After taking some time to figure out what would fit my Summit, the exchange took actually less than 5 minutes to complete. Much better than the old  hard plastic Weber OEM wheels that caught on mats and such. Very smooth soft thermoplastic wheel with an   easy roll on a 4" wheel which raised my grill an inch. If you want to change yours you will need shaft style caster wheels with a 7/16" thick shaft that is 1 1/4" long for a perfect fit. I bought Icon Wheels with locks on the front wheels  on Amazon. The original end caps which accept the shafts work with the above demensions. HINT: use a stack of books as a jack,  high enough to allow the wheels to drop out and then be replaced. A little tap or maybe a few taps  with a plastic headed hammer and the wheels drop right out. Use one stack of books jack up  one side of the grill, do the exchange, move your books to the other side and repeat. less than 5 min, no kidding.  Wheels were $45 and change on Amazon for a set of 4 with two locking. With the new ease of movement, well worth the money, IMO. Hope this helps somebody.







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1 minute ago, Boater said:

Great view you have there.  Took me a minute to quit admiring the view and look for the new wheels.

Yeah, we are really blessed to be able to live here. Arizona is noted for its beautiful sky. Here are just a few pics mostly  from the deck. 







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