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TempSpike by Thermopro

John Setzler

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Here is my demo and first look review of the newest product from the ThermoPro line:  The ThermoPro TempSpike!  I have put this thermometer through it's paces over the last three weeks and I am super impressed with the results.   If you have a need for a truly wireless bluetooth thermometer, I would give this one a try!  The price is fantastic compared to others like it.  Here's a link to this thermometer on Amazon:


Here's a 20% off link for this device that is good until October 18, 2022:




20% off coupon code if using a desktop/web browser: 20MJBZGH


After that, here is the link:




If you buy from the ThermoPro Website:




and use MANCAVEMEALS for an additional discount!


This thermometer was provided to me by ThermoPro as part of their brand ambassador program of which I'm a member and participant.  The opinions and review in this video are strictly my own personal opinions of this product.  My personal philosophy about reviewing products such as this is simple.  You will not likely ever see me review a product that I don't think is worth having


#ThermoPro #ManCaveMeals

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Based on price, that’s a pretty interesting option. The Amazon link didn’t work, but the Thermopro link above has a 30% discount for a discounted price of $56 - not bad. For comparison, Meater+ is currently $90 using the Northern10 10% discount code. 

From what I can find online, the TempSpike doesn’t have a cloud-based feature, so while the range is great based on your review, you can’t monitor from anywhere. Personally, that’s not a factor for me, but it might be for some. If I’m wrong and it does have a cloud connection, please feel free to correct me! :)


A few of questions:


1. Can you provide the measurement from the tip of the probe to the notch? I’m trying to understand the insertion depth required. Most of the filets I cook are 6” or less in diameter, so I wouldn’t want to have to insert past 3”.


2. Does the app allow you to add notes, pictures or anything that you might want to have when referring back to prior cooks? Of course, that assumes it keeps a record of cooks to begin with.


3. Kind of a tangent from #2 - does the app also track/graph ambient temp? In your video, I didn’t see a graph for it. If it keeps a history, this might be helpful to see internal temp vs ambient temp when analyzing overall cook time to help determine optimal ambient temp.


Thanks John!

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The amazon links are working fine for me.  I'm not sure why they aren't working for you.


There is no cloud based feature with this unit.


The mark is 3" from the tip.


I don't see a method for notes and pictures.  You need a Fireboard if you need that functionality.


There is no graph for ambient temp.  It does keep a history but I believe the only think kept is the meat temperature graph.



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Thanks for the quick response! The link valid though 10/18 doesn’t work for me (Amazon error code CS11), but the “after that” link does and it has the 20% discount. The Thermopro link has a 30% discount, but appears to have a time limit of 24 hours which was not defeated by Incognito mode. :)


For the price, it looks like a solid wireless thermometer option!

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It’s interesting.  Unfortunately Amazon Canada doesn’t support the US coupon codes.  Life north of the border.


I’m curious to see if the device will still work on older homes with aluminum siding.  Aluminum siding reduces wireless signal range on many devices.  I guess I could solve the problem by switching to vinyl.  

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