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Smokeless kamado?

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I've been recently researching smokeless fire pits - the basic concept is that smoke is indicative of incomplete combustion, and so the idea is to create a double-walled chamber similar to a thermos. Unlike the thermos, though, the gap isn't sealed - it allows for fresh air to get drawn in, heat up, and then gets vented into the main chamber, where it mixes with the smoke to allow for secondary combustion (basically providing hot oxygen to 'cook off' the smoke). 


I was wondering if that same principle would work for a kamado - I get no smoke when it's just charcoal, but when there's food on the grid there's a good amount of smoke coming out the top vent. My thought would be that you could run some metal tubing along the dome, drawing air from the outside, heating it up and venting it on the inside, right around the bottom of the top vent. The secondary combustion would occur fairly high up and away from the food.


Maybe this is absolute nonsense and would never work - but I was just curious if anyone here has ever had this thought, and if anyone with more manual skills than me and an extra kamado to experiment on would be able to test it out.




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I think you're idea would be like a venturi in that the hot air would create a lessening of air density and allow the venturi to draw cooler air. I don't think it would increase the combustion ratio of particulates in the smoke but I'm not an engineer.

I would note that my KJ would never have a total burn to white ash there were always pieces of unburnt charcoal. My new one however burns totally white and there's no unburnt coals it's just powder.

I've always thought of using a Stirling engine on top to turn a rotisserie.

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21 hours ago, MikeRobinson said:

I sorta think that grease from the food is going to smoke no matter what you do . . .  The charcoal fire itself, once well-lit and properly ventilated, probably will not.

Yeah, this was my initial thought, as well. Fat falling in the fire is always going to be present as soon as you put on food. However, if your'e a Vegan, ...............not so much:)

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