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Differences I've Noticed


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I've done around 20 different cooks in my new Blaze. In comparing it to my old Kamado Joe I have found several differences.  The Blaze doesn't get as hot as the KJ. I could get it up to 750 compared to over 900 in the KJ.  The Blaze cooks more evenly across the grids. There are no hot or cold areas on the grate  If I let it burn out there is nothing but fine white ash remaining. The kJ always leaves some unburnt coals.  I think it's because the draw is different. In the KJ air comes from underneath, In the Blaze it comes across the top of the coals. In the KJ I used the double racks and half moons more often. The lower rack in Blaze is more functional. Finally you can burn your hand on the Blaze handle wear a glove it gets hot. Not true on the KJ.  Both do a great job

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