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Big Joe I hinge issue

Mike Honcho

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I am still chugging along with my Big Joe fr 2014 and it still works great except the hing completely busted. When opening it one time, I heard a loud pop and ball bearings were rolling everywhere and the lid will not stay open by itself, so I've been using a 2x4 to keep it open when I cook. 


I contacted KJ support and they shipped me replacement parts but they are definitely not the same. Has anybody had to do this recently? I've contacted them to make sure they sent me the correct replacement but it is completely different from my original hinge. You can see the original one still on, and the new one they sent. 





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Waiting on a hinge for my Big Joe I too... They said I would have it within 14 days, that was a month ago.


Amazing your hinge lasted so long, my original (looked like yours) lasted four years. The replacement (faux air hinge) only lasted three years. That replacement looks like it might be for a newer version since it has three band attachment holes per side instead of two, but I thought all the new Joes had the air hinge.


I ran across a video on YouTube a while back where some guy rebuilt his hinge, it was definitely like the one in your first picture. Three years later I wish I hadn't let the scrappers have the old hinge. It might be worth trying to find if KJ doesn't come through with some answers for you quickly.


FWIW - I'm using a piece of 1/2" copper pipe to keep mine open. I just have to keep reminding myself I cant swing from side to side across the open grates anymore unless I want to knock the prop out.

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On 10/2/2022 at 9:56 PM, mbellot said:

Waiting on a hinge for my Big Joe I too... They said I would have it within 14 days, that was a month ago.


New hinge arrived today (no shipping notice from KJ beforehand, oh well). and it's the exact same one you got.


I've sent them a picture of the new (12 hole) and current (8 hole) hinges next to each other to see what they have to say.


Did you get that new hinge to work with your Big Joe I?

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