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Sazco Sultan Fire box upgrade


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Howdy all! I am new to the group but have been lurking around this site for quite a while. I thought I would join this group since it has many topics I am interested in!

I have been collecting vintage Kamados and Sazcos, not to mention lots of hibachis and Webers over the years. They all live in the back yard, shed, and garage. Once in a while, I pull one out and work on it. Here is my latest project.

When I  Bought my Sazco Sultan years ago, it had a rusted out firebox. I borrowed a large cast iron firebox from an old hibachi I had, which has worked well over the years. Recently, I decided to restore that old hibachi. Now I need a fire box for the Sazco.

I bought a 4 1/2 gallon galvanized tub and modified it to fit the Sazco fire box space. I cut “wings” around the lip to make it wider to fill the fire box space in the Sultan.  I drilled holes in it and tried it out. Waaay too flimsy! I guess it would work for a while but I wanted a more permanent fix. It turned out to be pretty much a total failure.

I looked around my garage and found a vintage enameled wash basin. It fit the space like a glove. Using a step drill,  I drilled the hole pattern that I saw on original Sultan fire boxes.

I decided to add a 10.25" Weber grate that will sit on the bottom of the basin to give it more support.

The fire ring fits nicely right down on top of the basin lip to keep it from moving around.

Overall, I  am happy with the results. I'm not sure if the enamel will be affected by the heat. Also, I'm not sure if the number and size of the holes is adequate. I can always make the holes bigger and add more if necessary.

So many Sazco owners have been looking for a fire box fix.  This may just the fix we've been looking for. 18" enameled wash basins are easy to come by on auction websites. They can be cheap to pricey. I’m glad I had a perfect one in my garage.

I'll report back when I fire the Sultan up. We just had a big rain here and I need to let it dry in the sun for a few days  

Here are some modification pictures of the fire box.

Chris, Glendale CA







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