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Website Problems

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I spoke with the hosting service this morning and they are, interestingly enough, not able to reproduce or see the problems that are happening here.  They are recommending a service upgrade which is NOT going to happen due to the costs involved.  We'll just wait this out and see if the problems continue.

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If this is hosted on a shared server, they likely have a new customer using up most of the CPU or bandwidth that is shared by everyone else on the server. Ask for a new virtual server on a different machine.


I haven't often had a hosting provider recon they had any issues...

You don't get issues like this when all is well.




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Update:  The hosting service is only giving me one option and that is to upgrade to a higher performance level of service.  I am not going to do that because they have told me that they don't know for sure if that is going to solve the problem.  I am also definitely 100% not willing to spend any additional money to keep this site running.  I am currently in the process of trying to restore a backup of the database I have from before the problem started to see if it gives us any relief.  If that does not work, I will most likely be shutting down.  Just a heads up....  


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John, this site is right now experiencing ridiculous problems ... including "one minute's delay in logging in, thirty seconds delay in making this post" ... which to me are more likely to be software than hardware.  I of course know nothing about how you have implemented this website, nor whom you relied upon to do it.  But you probably should simply abandon these people. Cut your losses and run away while there's still time.


While I'm not per se volunteering, I have professionally dealt with situations like this in the past.  They are never pleasant. One company gets sold to another company gets sold to a ... fifteenth ... and the software upon which paying customers rely goes to Hell.  But, "if you simply want to run a forum about kamado grills," there are lots of ways to do it and to take your website-content data with you. There are plenty of still-professional companies out there who will compete for your business.


Technically, this forum web-site is trivial.  You do not have to "put up with this," nor sustain their excuses once you have realized that they are merely excuses.  (Which they are.)  Vote with your wallet, and vote with your feet.


Obviously to me, one of the things that they are certainly doing is to host your website on a server which is massively overloaded. The server does not "spin up" your website until an actual request is made to it.  But, because of the massive overload, this "spin up" can take more than thirty seconds.  Right now, as I continue to edit this post, the site has become responsive.  But, that is not the point. Obviously, you did not negotiate a SLA = Service-Level Agreement, and no doubt the host did not offer you one.  But any company can simply "become too greedy," and I daresay that this is what has now happened to you.


I struck out the top part of my post because, based on my experiences of now editing this post, I can actually quite-clearly see what the underlying problem is.  You are working with a hosting company which has probably taken on thousands of web-sites on the calculation that most of them would not be "active."  But they have now so-overloaded their hardware that they are not able to "respond in a timely manner" when any one of them from time to time does.  You can move elsewhere.

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To conclude:  "I see all that I need to know" when I see that, now that I am using the site to edit posts and so forth, the site has once again become "responsive, as expected."


This means that the host site has "spun up" the website and will continue to do so for at least a couple of minutes after I leave.  But, the underlying issue remains: "the server is vastly over-committed."  If I come back to the site in about fifteen minutes' time, I know that the "thirty second delays" will have returned.


As the Dixie Chicks™ once sang:  "There's your trouble ..."


("Oh, wait. It's much worse than I thought." It took sixty-five seconds for me to first save this post. Less than one second to subsequently edit it.)


"Run Away, John!"

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