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What is your favorite BBQ sauce?

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Someone mentioned the SBR's overtakes the flavors and I find that to be an accurate assessment. That said, it's a sauce I use as a base or in a small amount. Like on my ribs for example, I will brush a tablespoon or so of sauce on at the very end, just for another flavor layer. My "best ever" flavors are a combination and enhancement of commercially available stuff. I like to make my own sauce when time is permitting but I'm never quite satisfied with the texture of scratch made sauce. 

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My problem is most red store bought sauces are too thick for my use. They need to be cut down a good bit. 

I have a homemade vinegar sauce and a homemade mustard sauce. Going to start working on a hot wing type red sauce and a sweet red sauce. 

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I have been using Sucklebusters Chipotle BBQ Sauce on ribs and their Honey BBQ Glaze on chicken. they are absolutely delicious.

They have a line of rubs as well that I've tried. Everything I've tried from them has been very good. I recommend trying them.

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Take a look at used. I buy most of my books used. At one cent plus shipping someone is making a small margin on the shipping.
I have bought at shipping cost before with no problems. Do take a look at the approval rating of the seller.

Thanks ordered one and its on it's way.
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