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New Kamado owner!!!

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I just purchased and put together my kamado "Acorn" today! I bought it at winn dixie for $259.99!! I have been wanting one of these style smokers for almost seven years but just couldn't fork out the money on an egg or even the first kamado i saw at academy a year and a half ago. Any tips for the first timer would be much appreciated. I have already lit my first fire and seasoned the grates. the only thing is i forgot to wash them in soapy water first as I was so dang anxious to get it going. will this be okay? thanks fellas

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You may want to wash them and re-season the grates. I'm rather new to this, but I did notice quite a bit of manufacturing oil on my gates out of the box. I don't think it would be very tasty. But then again, it may have burned off when you seasoned the grill.

Happy Akorning!

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