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Alright guys and girls, I've been sitting here learning from the last 35 pages of Guru knowledge but still have an issue that I hope one of you intuitive types might be able to help me with. I picked up my King Griller the other day for $60 with the purpose of learning the kamado in mind. All in all it was a great deal but it does have some gnarly rust on the bottom of the outer shell and top of the ash pan. Is there a mod for rust of this scale? Is there something I can JB Weld or fabricate to insure a perfect seal? I've been firing it up every day with the purpose of learning temp control and am able to keep it in the 300 range for up to 6 hours now (thats just because I shut it down to go to bed) but I really want to get good at riding 225 - 250 for a good low and slow. Any help is appreciated. Thanks for looking.



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My Akorn knockoff isn't even a little bit airtight.  I simply can't put the charcoal out once it's going.  I just ordered a replacement gasket for the bottom vent, but is there anything I can do about the top vent?  Even when closed, huge amounts of smoke comes out of it.  

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On 9/3/2017 at 10:53 PM, gotzero said:

Not sure if anyone else has done this but I got some stainless mesh sheet and put it over the intakes (held in by damper screws) to prevent any sizable embers from goofing up our deck. 



That's a good idea, although during long cooks, I like to throw some smaller wood chunks in that hole every now and then.  That way I don't have to add them all at once and risk overshooting my temp and I also don't have to open to lid either to add them.  

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    • By taylola2010
      Assembly of the akorn jr was easy. Especially with help from my 9 month old son lol  First cook on the acorn jr. Two cornish hens. I rubbed them with olive oil and cowboy rub. When they were almost finished I put a little homemade bbq sauce a friend gave me on them. They were very good. Fell off the bone. I let the grill get too hot at first, but I brought it back down to between 300-325 and watched it until it got to 165 on the probes. I do not trust the akorn jr temp gage at all. My probes were saying it was 75-100 degrees hotter than the gauge on the dome. I used the bbqube for indirect cooking. I think it was a great investment. I plan on using a pie pan or something to put liquid under my meat sometimes. 

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      So my daughter is getting married tomorrow.  A smaller wedding (98 guests) taking place at his family farm.  The groom and his brother own a distillery business on the farm and the wedding will be held outside between the home and the business.  The meal will be catered and the boys wil have the wood fired oven going for late night pizzas.  Think they can do four or five at a shot.  At the last minute she has asked me to provide a 60-70ish pulled pork sliders.  So I snuck out of work early today, managed to find five nice pork shoulder “partial bone-in roasts” totalling about 10kg (22 lbs), raced home, rubbed them up, injected with apple juice and loaded up the Akorn.  Going to finish them tonight, pulled and pack the meat and get into bed.  Tomorrow I need to pick up the slider buns that I ordered, slice the tomatoes and onions, prepare some sauce and away we go!  Meat will be rehated in the pizza oven prior to serving.
      i had done three 8 pound butts before and they were actually a better fit than these five smaller roasts.  More photos to follow.  Wish me luck!

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      I recently added a BBQ Guru PartyQ fan to my Akorn to get my temperature issues under control. I've made bone-in, skin-on Chicken Thighs twice now but they taste way too smoky and bitter. I'm using lump charcoal, put a weber fire starter near the top of the heap and let it flame for a bit, then shut the lid, crack the top vent and set the PartyQ for 350. Once at temp, the thighs go on for about an hour.
      Am I lighting it correctly, should I use a different temp?. I'm all for a bit of smoke taste but these have way too much
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      Anyone have a problem after lightning for the first time where the seal is leaking on the lid? Smoke coming out the side. 
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      Hi All, I got my AKORN yesterday.  I am just curious as to how long it takes to assemble.  I am pretty good at stuff like this usually.