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Found a store near the job that sells BGE's. Got some felt for the XL and will get to sealing the vent, ash pan, and lid today and tomorrow. Got some cooking to do this weekend!

At some point I may get the nomex gasket, but the Akorn at the moment is being used for low & slow or indirect stuff, so I'm not too worried about burning it out just yet.

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Yes I am concerned too but since mine will be here this week, I will run to rest. equipment store and buy food grade thick grease for ice cream machines and deli slicers. Definatly food grade. Might not hold all the smoke but I wont have ANY worries right?

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This isn't spen from 301?

??? :? :? :?

Don't worry man, it's a r/c racing thing. Small world, you know!

Anyway, I got the felt last night and sealed up the vent. My only concern is that the slide will have to bend slightly as there's now a piece of felt there where it originally sat flush on the outside of the ash pan. But, the parts that would be exposed to air have been sealed off, so it may not make that much difference. SInce I have enough gasket I may do the same with the dome and the underside of the ash pan too.

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I've been good man. Sold the mugen a loong time ago. Got one of the akorn grills too! It cooks like a beast :) Made some cajun bleu burgers a couple days ago and gonna cook some country ribs tonight maybe. I ordered the gasket material to seal up the bottom vent as well but my grill is pretty tight as is.The therm leaks just a little smoke when it's sealed tight but I think it will end up sealing itself and there is a little leak somewhere around the left handle on the ash pan when shutting it down. Be careful about putting too much weight on the side shelves or leaning on them mine start to flex the grill if you put too much pressure on them. I think once I get the bottom vent completely sealed up it should hold temps without a budge.

**Edit** I just sealed up my bottom vent with the bge gasket and used high temp rtv around the vent as well. I should say that if you want to take the bottom vent off and calk underneath of it do it on a virgin grill. I couldn't get the screws loose so I just rtv'd around the vent. Also thought about adding gasket material to the lid and ash pan surfaces as well. But those gaskets are working properly right now. If they get worn than I might put some there.

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Well, sealing up the vent, pan, and dome with the BGE gasket seems to have helped quite a bit. Holding at 250-270 was no problem, and much less chasing the tempos over the weekend. Simple enough mod, cheap enough too. Quite satisfied

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I just sealed up my bottom vent with the bge gasket and used high temp rtv around the vent as well. I should say that if you want to take the bottom vent off and calk underneath of it do it on a virgin grill. I couldn't get the screws loose so I just rtv'd around the vent. Also thought about adding gasket material to the lid and ash pan surfaces as well. But those gaskets are working properly right now. If they get worn than I might put some there.


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I had trouble getting mine off also. I hunted until I found a really new Phillips and for some reason it was easier to remove from the left side first. The side opposite the stop pin. I HATE Phillips style screws. Even expensive screw drivers will round just a little bit and jump out of the screws after they are used for awhile. I read some where that they were designed for machine assembly lines to prevent stripping the fastener holes.

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I have been reading all the posts to fix the air leaks on the Akorn, and it seems everyone is mostly using RTV. I found a product from Rutland - Hi Temp Stove & Gasket Cement. It is rated for up to 2000 degrees. Is this product okay to use, or should I just go with the RTV? Thanks in advance for your advice.

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1/4" x 20 x 1/2" Bolts for Assembly.

Not sure if anyone has had issues with the quality of the 1/4 x 20 bolts supplied with their CharGriller Akorn but mine were very poor quality. I recommend you spend some money (about $3) on some quality 1/4 x 20 x 1/2" bolts from Lowes or Home Depot to assemble your CharGriller with. You will need about 30 bolts. I used bolts I had left over from another project and my Akorn is rock solid.

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I went to my local BGE dealer who was selling his XL gaskets for $5!! Apparently they are phasing those out and stocking the higher temp (nomex?) BGE gaskets exclusively. I'm afraid I snagged the last one though. Anyways, I sealed everyting I could and it was so easy. Thanks for the tips and pics of this mod.

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1st I want to thank everyone on this forum for their comments, questions & answers. Over the last week I have read every post at least twice.

Today I picked up my Akorn @ Lowes & put it together tonight. I bought 30 stainless steel bolts to use to put it together. Thank you tfeni52355 for the tip.

Tomorrow I will put the BGE felt on the top, ash tray & the bottom damper. Thank you be14_20 & CanAlkorn.

Now some questions for the forum:

What do you think of these ideas, one or all of these ideas in order to get more thermal mass in the Akorn?

a) Line the bottom of charcoal grate w/ ceramic briquettes. This will also help the smaller pieces of charcoal from falling past the grate & add thermal mass.

B) Layer the newly added Weber charcoal grate w/ several layers of the ceramic briquettes & put the pizza diffuser on top.

c) Layer the pizza pan diffuser w/ several layers of the ceramic briquettes.

60 pure ceramic briquettes with a weight of 10 lbs. 8 oz. can be had from Wally World for less than $7.00.

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Interesting. I'm certainly no professor of thermodynamics but here goes:

As I understand it, the principle of thermal mass refers to smoothing out temp fluctuations over time. So obviously we're talking low and slow cooks here.

Not sure about a) my concern would be reduced airflow to the coals.

B) or c) probably wouldn't be necessary with the Smoking Stone, but if you use a thin metal pizza pan I could see it helping. On a practical note, there isn't that much clearance between the add-on Weber grate and the cooking grate. If you have a layer of ceramic briqs then your diffuser you may not have room for a drip pan, just thinking about post-cook cleanup here.

Hopefully someone smarter than I will chime in. But hey, at 7 bucks it's a cheap science experiment, right.

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    • By Tom_V
      First cook on Joetissorie on the Akorn, and yes it fits perfect! I used a combination rub of KC's and Dinasour BBQ Cajun Foreplay. (Dinasour BBQ is the BEST BBQ restaurant in NY State) I also made a paste with same ingredients and rubbed under breast skin and inside cavity. Akorn running at 400-425 deg. Amazing flavor!

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      Hi all,
      Just got an Akorn 16820 and mother nature decided to go all cool and wet on me. Looking forward to trying this thing out.
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      So I have myself an Akorn for about 4 years. Through a couple moves while building a new house, it was pretty neglected... sat outside, uncovered through winter, rain, etc. Needless to say due to the metal build, it rusted something bad. I ended up getting rid of it and decided I'd see what the Weber Kettle hype was all about. I picked myself up Kettle Master Touch.......... wow...
      I freaking hated it. Was horrible to keep temps. Took forever to get up to temp. Was terrible to use with lump (as it fell through the grates)... just a bad overall experience. Cooked on it about 4 times then sold it. Now... I live in a VERY windy area. Like 10-15 mph winds almost constantly.... so I'm sure that played a part... but it was no enjoyable.
      I decided to pick myself up a new Kamado Joe Classic from Lowes for $650..... I'm in love.
    • By Tarnation
      I joined this forum last year not long after getting my Char Griller Akorn used.  I love that little steel beauty, but I've had ceramic fever and been seeing them all over the place the past year.  Costco was about to have me parting with $600 for the Louisiana Grills 24" Kamado (just another rebranded Auplex like Vision), but my dad who works for a hardware store told me the owner wanted to sell off the stores XL Egg since they didn't really use it.  I got what I think is a great deal on this beauty, paid less for this than you would for a stripped out XL with no accessories and definitely less than a Costco roadshow Big Joe.  Came with the table, ConvEggtor, ash tool, and grate gripper.  They couldn't locate the ceramic cap when we brought it home, but I'm sure it'll turn up.  It's under an awning anyway and I'll be getting a cover to further protect it.  
      To be fair to the Akorn it is a fantastic cooker!  Just since the apocalypse started, I've done at least one decent cook a week on it.  I've done ribs at least 3 times, pork butt, brisket, a turkey, soda can chickens, wings, steaks, and various veggies for sides.  I absolutely do not regret the Akorn purchase.  If you're unsure if kamado bbqing is right for you the Akorn is a fantastic place to start, it's relatively cheap and a good design.  I've been eyeballing the extra space the  Big Joe and the XL Egg offer and ultimately couldn't resist.  Just judging by my short not even 1 year of ownership I doubt my Egg will cook any better than the Akorn.  This was purely a decision based on the total cooking surface and potential cooking surface with mods.  I've done 3 racks of ribs on my Akorn before, but it gets tight and those were baby backs no easy way to get that many spare rib racks on there.  2 upright soda can (beer can) chickens really pushes the limit with my probes contacting the dome.  
      TLDR; just wanted to brag on my Eggscellent deal and write a love letter to my Akorn.  I'm hoping this will be the last grill I ever have to buy, not saying I won't want to buy more, but this should be with me a long long time.  I wish I could keep the Akorn, but I have 3 grills now and between the 22" Weber Kettle and the Akorn, I can probably get more for the used Akorn.  If you're in the market for a well used Akorn, but still in fine cooking shape and you're in the Jacksonville, FL area, hit me up.

    • By Daz
      Have been busy with my other toy projects so the pellet Akorn has been cold for a while. Today kids want to eat pizza so I fired up the pellets akorn. It heats up to 500+ degrees in less than 10 min and the pizza was perfect. I fitted a WiFi PID controller and was going to tweak the algorithm but...too many projects! 
      Right now the temperature overshoots 50-80 degrees if set below 300 degrees, but gets better as it goes higher. 
      Anyway here is the pizza and the good looking grill haha.

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