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I've been reading this forums for several weeks in my quest to move away from gas. Finally decided to join after making the plunge.

I have been cooking with propane for years and when that became a hassle (i.e. tank exchange spots are hard to find sometimes), I switched to natural gas thinking it was the ultimate in grilling. Just a dillusional dude thinking he was doing it right. Then someday I smelt someone cooking with charcoal in the neighborhood and the odor haunted me. It smelt so gooooood!! However, I don't think my wife was in agreement to get a new grill. Not when I paid a pretty penny for my Broil King Sovereign XL 5 years ago.

So I patiently read about charcoal grilling which eventually lead me to the Big Green Egg and the Kamado style cookers in general. Patiently hatched my plan. My wife was flying to spend time at her mom's in early July for a few weeks with the kids while I stayed home. Then I pulled the trigger on the Broil King Keg. She didn't know about it (putting my life on the line here).

All the reading I did paid off. My practice run at temperature control was spot on so I quickly started on burgers, then slow cooked ribs followed by New-York strips. I was really blind all these years. I truly did not know what I was missing. I can't describe the "shock and awe". I am not kidding, my gasser has been sitting idle ever since. The world has no idea!

So this weekend, my wife is returning. She knows about the new grill now, but I told her to just wait until she tastes what comes out of it. I am sold and so will she. I can't go back to gas and I can't wait to cook her favorite dish: A prime rib roast.

So hey! That's me introducing myself! :)

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Welcome aboard and welcome to The Addiction!

One bite of good BBQ from your new kamado and you'll have a whole new set of problems with the wife ... why did you wait so long?!!!

All the best!

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Had to come back to give an update.  


After a month of cooking smokey goodness on the Keg, my wife is solidly sold.  Our gasser was sold last weekend so there`s no turning back.  This weekend, I did a bacon-weaved meatloaf and I had to stop the family horde from getting it all so I can save some leftovers for work.  Right after dinner was done, my wife mentioned Thanksgiving and how I have to do the turkey on the keg.  She also mentioned that I do not have a choice.


I shed a tear of pure love and pride at that moment.

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Welcome and great stories. Funny how wives resist then bow down to the kamado food. My wife just tells me this morning she took out ribeyes for me to make on the kamado. I had no say maybe I wanted to do something else. Anyway glad you are here

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