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So it begins... 8 rolled racks of ribs for the Akorn!!!

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Rubbed, rolled and secured with twine. Into the fridge overnight for these little piggies!


These will the Akorn around 7am tomorrow morning. Going to smoke with lump charcoal with chunk cherry wood. Target temp will be 225F-250F. I anticipate 5-6 hrs until they're cooked through.

They'll then be foiled, tossed in a pre-heated cooler, and taken on a 2hr drive to the cottage, where they'll be promptly tossed onto a gas grill, sauced & heated, and then gobbled up. ;)

I'll try to post updates throughout the day. At the very latest the end of the weekend.

On a side note, anyone know why I can't post pictures to the forum using Tap-a-talk and my iphone? It just gives me an error every time.

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I may have them rolled just a little too tight right now. I just found on another forum they should be a little looser to allow air to flow around them. I'll loosen the twine a little in the morning before they hit the Akorn.

Check out this link http://www.virtualweberbullet.com/rib1_photos/britu7.jpg and this one http://virtualweberbullet.com/rib1.html for more info on the rolled racks.

Ultimately, i'll need to fit all 8 racks on the Akorn so how loose they are will be determined by that.

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Here's all 8 rolled racks on the Akorn!


I untied them and rolled them just so the ends overlap and secured them with skewers rather than the mini rib-roasts I had last night. Been on for 2hrs @ 225F now =)

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As far as I can tell the upper racks aren't touching the inside of the dome.

Yes, you're correct - those are St. Louis style spareribs.

3.5 hrs in and i'm very optimistic about the results judging from the smells coming from the Akorn =)

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