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VISION table build ...... Formerly known as "Suck at wood work, table scheme"

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Thanks for the flip! And I will probably need another flip..

Despite what I have gathered for intel, I had to add about .5 to 75" to my template drawing, either 21"'is a no go for vision or I suck at jigsaws... Probably the latter.. Anyway I fired that mofo up tonight! I'm very happy with my buid. In retrospect, I'd make a few changes but F it, I'm happy


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http://www.strongtie.com/diy/projects.html I'm using the above heavy duty workbench plans for table build, I am a pool contractor I suck at woodwork. I built the skeleton tonight and it is as stron

Yes, the alagash white ale has me posting pics upside down. Ray

A bit of added work space, before I burnt the wood I put a craft store wood "R" on the deck.

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It really looks great!  I like the burning the wood idea and will do that when I build my outside bench.  I too suck at woodwork.  I was thinking about building a table myself and thought that an aliminum table top along with the metal leg holders would look good together.  I need something to attach a bottle top opener to also.

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