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New to Kamado Grills/Grilling as a whole


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Hey folks,


New user here.

Not only to the forums, to smoking but also grilling.


I'm actually Indian by birth(living in Minnesota for the last 10 years and the US for 14+).


I've always been fascinated by Indian curries and cook them rather well, and one thing I always wanted to learn was tandoori cooking, which I had no experience with. 

Sure I can prepare the pastes and marinate things..but..if i can't cook them well, it's worthless :)


I was planning on making my own Indian tandoor at my new house(finally had some space), and wanted to line a metal drum with clay or bricks, create a latched door at the bottom of the drum and basically fire it at high heat to bake the clay.


Well, walking around at Lowes, I saw this Acorn grill sitting there, wife found the aesthetics pleasing, was happy to spend $300+ on it instead of withstanding the nightmare of me rigging up a rig of my own.  I'm sure it would have been a couple of bucks cheaper than the acorn(the drum tandoor/grill)..but...hell, for ~$300, I thought i'd give it a shot.



Well, to say the least I'm relatively surprised.  I made my first tandoori chicken today.

Had a mishap early on, didn't realize that my skewers were too long, and the chicken basically slipped through it etc, etc, I ended up putting it on the grill, baked it for about 50mins @ ~290-320 and it worked out purrrrfect.  Moist and delicious.


I'm planning on the following in the future:

1) Rigging something up to hang skewers to cook food(tandoori chicken or indian/mugal kababs)

2) Controlling the temprature better.  In India tandoor cooking is an art mastered by a few, a lot of them being traditional cooks.  I doubt I'll find temprature ranges for various recipies anywhere, I'll just have to experiment a LOT.

3) Write a small database(that I might publish, maybe a flat file, nothing complicated) of Indian food and recipes+temps/times


Regardless, great being here, have read the forums and the knowledge and techniques are immense :).


You folks have a great one.




Here is the first dish--1st :) and it was fantastic:


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I'd love to see some of your Indian recipes posted in the recipe forums here!  I love a nice spicy curry dish!  As for tandoori style cooking you might want to have a look at this cooker called the Pit Barrel Cooker.  I'll post a video I made a while back of a chicken cook on that....



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Tariq - Welcome to the Kamado world.  You will love it.  Oh man .. I really like  tandoori cooking and have experienced it a number of times on trips to India.  Interesting idea to try that in the Kamado.  Looking forward to more cook pics and recipes.  I wonder if you made some sort of tripod arrangement that sets in the cooker and then you hang the skewers from that to get more cooking zone?  I would also be concerned about heat distribution top to bottom.   It fun to  experiment on the kamado.  Have at it. 

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Hey Tariq!

Congrats on your purchase! I just joined the forum recently. That tandoori chicken looks delicious. I'm a Canadian-Pakistani and so I'm always looking for tandoori recipes to try out.

I recently tried making tandoori lamb tikka (mostly chops), and they turned out amazingly tender and flavourful.

Looking forward to your tandoori recipes :)


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