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Boston Butt (Cuban Style)

Big Cat 305

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Hello all,


My uncle started telling me about his Big Green Egg about a year ago. I love to cook on the grill so two months ago for fathers day I decided to buy an Akorn. I figured I would test the waters before I invest in a high dollar Egg. So for the last two months I have cooked burgers, a few beer can chickens, baby back ribs, and steaks on the Akorn and with every cook I learn more and got more hooked on the kamado. So I decided to try my first slow and low this weekend.


I live in Miami and my wife is Cuban so I thought I would try a Cuban style (mojo) Boston Butt. I tried to keep it as simple as possible so here is what I did:


Cooking equipment:


Chargriller Akorn (no mods)

Chimney starter

Frontier lump charcoal

Ikea Fantast thermometer ($6.99)

tin pan





1 Tbl Kosher salt

2 tsp ground black pepper

2 tsp cumin

2 tsp onion powder

2 tsp garlic powder

2 tsp dried oregano




Iberia Mojo Criollo (any Mojo will do but this was awesome)







6.5 lb Boston Butt



On Saturday morning I cut the excess fat off the Boston Butt and injected it with the Mojo (had to strain the mojo in order to use the injection needle). Then put the Butt in an oversized Tupperware and refrigerated for 15 hours. Then I prepped the Akorn. First I completely emptied the ash collector and cleaned the cooking grate. Then I added charcoal to the fire box starting with large pieces on the bottom, then medium on top of the large, then small on top of that. Also, I did not pyramid, I spread so the charcoal was flat. This way the small gets the heat up quickly, moves down to the larger pieces and stabilizes for a smooth even heat. Also, I pre-loaded the chimney starter with newspaper and charcoal.


I set my alarm clock for 4am Sunday but woke up at 3:15am, guess I was excited to start the cook. First, took the Butt out then patted dry with paper towels and put on the rub. I didn't go crazy with the rub, just a medium dusting and made sure to get in all the folds.  Next, I started the chimney starter and got the fire going. By 4am I had the fire stabilized at 225 deg. and it was time to put the meat on. I used the heat diffuser stone that came with the Akorn, then the tin pan on top of that with a water/mojo mixture, then the cooking grate and the Butt on the grate. Also, had my Fantast thermometer inserted at the beginning.






Had the Butt on by 4am and let it cook for 4 hours before opening the lid. At 4 hours and every hour after I used a spray bottle to mist the Butt with a Mojo/water mixture. At 4pm (12 hours total) the internal temp was 195 deg. I foiled, wrapped in a towel, and put in a cooler for 2 more hours. Then pulled the pork. I immediately added a some of the Mojo drippings from the tin pan to the pulled pork. Finally time for Medianoches (Cuban Sandwiches). Let me tell you, I grew up in Miami and I've had Lechon (Cuban pork) 25-30 times and this was by far the best. Most of the techniques that I described above I learned from this website. Thank you for allowing me to get the most out of this art of cooking!!! I had a blast!!!!






Medianoche (Midnight Sandwich) = Pork, ham, swiss cheese, pickles, mustard, mayo, pressed between a hoagie style potato bread.



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That, sir, looks like a proper Cuban sandwhich! I have been scouring the interwebz for an authentic Cuban pork recipe and here it was beneath my very nose. I grew up north of Tampa and used to date a girl of Cuban/Puerto Rican descent and had the privilege of eating authentic Cuban pork at one of her family reunions, it was the best ever! Since then I have tried to replicate it but with no success. What you have created looks exactly like what I ate that day and this is now on my to do list! Hopefully I can find that Mojo sauce here in Tn. I may have to go to a carniceria to do so, don't think Wal Mart has that on the shelf.

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Hello all,


My uncle started telling me about his Big Green Egg about a year ago. I love to cook on the grill so two months ago for fathers day I decided to buy an Akorn. I figured I would test the waters before I invest in a high dollar Egg. So for the last two months I have cooked burgers, a few beer can chickens, baby back ribs, and steaks on the Akorn and with every cook I learn more and got more hooked on the kamado. So I decided to try my first slow and low [/url]

Very nice recipe and pictures

This may seem odd since I own a vision grill but when the time comes when you decide to invest into that egg, that before you do take a good look at the Kamado Jo line of Kamado's and into the company, you will be very impressed by what you see and hear from others

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Welcome and I want some! I usually keep a bottle of Goya mojo criollo in my fridge for a quick marinade. I usually do pork tenderloins and serve over grilled onions. I haven't tried that brand of mojo. Do you think it is better than the Goya ? Oh, and I enjoyed the detail in your post!

Cheers to great food,


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Thank you all for the encouraging responses. I strained the Mojo, then injected it so the flavor definitely came through. Also, I've used Goya my whole life but my son talked me into trying the Iberia and I loved it.


BTW, I ordered an Auber a couple days ago so I don't have to stay up all night next time!!!  Looking forward to the next cook!!!

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I am now commited to this! I bought a 10 pound shoulder ( got it for $.99 instead of a $2.49 butt ) and a bottle of Goya Mojo Criollo ( couldn't find Iberia brand ), plus I have all the rub components on hand. This is hopefully going to turn out just as lovely as yours, I can't wait to do this!

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      First cook on Joetissorie on the Akorn, and yes it fits perfect! I used a combination rub of KC's and Dinasour BBQ Cajun Foreplay. (Dinasour BBQ is the BEST BBQ restaurant in NY State) I also made a paste with same ingredients and rubbed under breast skin and inside cavity. Akorn running at 400-425 deg. Amazing flavor!

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      Have been busy with my other toy projects so the pellet Akorn has been cold for a while. Today kids want to eat pizza so I fired up the pellets akorn. It heats up to 500+ degrees in less than 10 min and the pizza was perfect. I fitted a WiFi PID controller and was going to tweak the algorithm but...too many projects! 
      Right now the temperature overshoots 50-80 degrees if set below 300 degrees, but gets better as it goes higher. 
      Anyway here is the pizza and the good looking grill haha.

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