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Sapo's Redfish on da Halfshell


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I haven't, but they look very convenient. To bad bad they don't have in apple or cherry. I wonder if hickory would be a bit strong for fish. Hickory sure is popular in Texas and that general area... Must be plentiful there.

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Checking out my dome this afternoon on the Vision, and I'm ashamed to say that it's looks about the same as the one in this video, after 3+ years of heavy use. I have to say, though, all that soot sure does keep it well sealed.

I'm doing country styles again this afternoon, and modifying my recipe somewhat from my last country style cook. I am using the mojo sauce that Mr. Que recently recommended for mojo pulled pork, and I am going to smoke them about 3 hours at 240, rather than rush them at 325 for less than 2 hours like I did last time (they were real good, but I'm looking for "great".

So I'm watching the Dallss game and I asked my son to fire up the Vision so I could start the mojo country style ribs, which had been marinating in mojo sauce the last hour or so. So he cranks up the Kamado, alright, I go out there about 20 minutes later and he's got it up to 450, blazing away. So I shut down both vents to just a sliver and was amazed to watch it drop down to about 225 in under 20 minutes. This tells me that this baby's air right. I've been thinking about giving it a real good cleaning but, hey, why mess with a good thing? I'll post some pics later.

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