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Cookbook Section with Monthly Recipe Group Cooks?

Cookbook / Group Recipe Cook Section?  

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The cookbook is a great idea. Unfortunately I don't have any great or unique recipes that I could contribute but I would likely buy one.

Another idea is a man cave cookbook with all of the recipes on man cave meals (like the wet-rub brisket) and some contribution recipes from site members. Luis aka smooth smoke has some great ones, derhusker too.

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  • 3 weeks later...

 My first thought is hell yes. Then I think abt it a little more, the couple BBQ cookbooks I've read the recipes were so damn complex and had way too many exotic hard to find spices/components. Past cooking experience has tought me that generally the simple rout tastes better than the recipe with 30 ingredients. Though that wouldn't stop me from reading and commenting.

...how many BBQ cookbooks worth owning are there, and how many does one person need?



My thought is that since the internet exists... zero.


I have a couple that I either bought in the past or inheritted. I was going to throw them out when I reorganize my garage next week. I'd be happy to ship them to anyone who wants them. As long as media mail is still cheap I'll take care of the shipping. But if you do find a good recipe and cook it you have to post some pics/instructions.

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