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Wagyu Rib Roast last night!!

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I think I ate the best roast I have ever eaten last night.

A buddy of mine called me up last Thursday and asked if I wanted to go half on a rib roast he had bought from another friend of ours.

He had a 9kg slab of rib roast he paid $200 for and he doesn't cook.

Knowing I'm a foodie and have cooked for my buddy a number of times in the past he figured I would be in.

He was right. The slab of beef was destined to one of the finer Restaurants in the city, but obviously didn't make it.

So Saturday I went over to my bud's and cut this big slab of meat into some roasts.

I wished I would have taken a picture before the seasoning to show you guys the marbling in this cut of meat.

Anyways google Wagyo or Kobe beef and you will see what I'm talking about.

I seared it at around 550o on all sides before roasting it at 350o for about 3 hours until it hit 135o internal.

All I can say is wow! That piece of meat was amazing. The texture was unlike any beef I have ever eaten before.

Truly an experience. We have another roast we will do up later this week and I will try and remember to take a picture of the marbling before I season.





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Man I'm jealous. Wagyu is the new bench mark. I was talking with a buddy about going in for halves on a Wagyu brisket. Nice job villain. A few cattle farms are starting to breed Wagyus with angus, Snake River.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was on the net yesterday checking into prices on Wagyu Rib roasts and I saw that a 10lb roast sells for in and around the $700.00 to $775.00 range.

Steaks for $100 +. Insane I know, but we paid $200.00 for a 20lb which is a steal of a deal IMO.

We actually got 4 roasts Two little ones which were the ends and two big ones from the middle of the slab.

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