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    • By TrueBlueEagle
      Hey guys..not really sure where to post this so feel free to move it wherever.
      Does anybody know of or suscribe to any BBQ/Grilling magazines? I'm not so much interested in "e-zines" since I get most of my email on my phone and don't feel like trying to read articles from an iPhone 5.
      I'm old school so I like to have a physical paper copy of something to read whether it be on the throne, or in bed before sleep.
      I've looked online and don't seem to find any major recommendations jumping out at me. Obviously there are plenty of books, websites, etc on the subject. But I have a short attention span and enjoy a small color publication(magazine) that I can flip through, check out bright pics, and get new ideas/recipes/techniques each month.
      Eventually I plan on getting APL's book and have my eyes on a few others, but this is what I'm really interested in right now.
      Looking forward to suggestions!
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