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Cedar Plank Salmon~Ginger/Soy


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Everyone likes this recipe when I prepare it.


Skin on Salmon filets coarse ground salt and pepper, sprinkle with Ginger Powder and soak in Soy Sauce meat side down 1-2 hours. Start at 400*  shut vents don't get below 350*. Cook until flesh separates with poke. I served with wilted greens and mashed taters





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I'm always looking for plank salmon recipes that don't involve sweet, sticky glazes, and his one looks good.  

Thanks Erazoner, you may like Chef Paul's salmon spice, http://www.chefpaul.com/site.php?pageID=286&iteminfo=1&productID=178


McCormick and Durkee/Tones Bros also make a Salmon Spice Blend that are very good also.

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Great looking meal!


Did you have a diffuser plate during the cook?  I am new to kamado, and it only makes sense to me that there would be a diffuser plate under the plank, but a lot of recipes and pinterest (my wife's idea) show planks on the main grill with no plate underneath. 


I have been grilling salmon on cedar planks on my gasser for 10 years now.  Looking forward to trying it out on my BKK this afternoon.  I have a nice filet and some soaked planks just waiting!

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I use a diffuser. If you look at the pic you will see it. It's a 9"x16"x2" cake pan and I have it 1/2 filled with sand. I think many people put the plank on direct heat.


Thanks.  I'm going to go with my instincts and use a diffuser too.


I think the diffuser helps with the convection and protects my plank. My plank is about 6 years old. It's almost time to replace it. I bought a 6' Cedar fence board (untreated)

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