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Future: Man Cave Meals

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John, I have thought about you a lot in the past day or so. I know it was tough letting go of Man Cave Meals, but I also know you will do well with KAMADO JOE / Barbecue Charcoal Grill and Smoker. I am happy for you and will look forward to working with you. The Kamado Joe Team is a great bunch of guys and gals to work with and be around. You will fit in well...WELCOME ABOARD!!!

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John I am glad to hear you will get to do more of what you love. I guessed what your announcement was the minute you said that your product reviewing days were numbered and i knew it had to do with Kamado Joe.


Your videos have done for KJ --what they did for the AKORN. It looks like you are tied in with a team of people who are actually working at  innovating their product. At the rate they are going--- Primo will not have the bragging rights to multiple modular setup's for long.


So will you have to shut down the Man Cave Meals videos that you have already made? That was Meat Head's choice--publish a cook book and shut down his whole web site or go with what he has. In his case he chose to keep the Amazin Ribs site.

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Wow! You have really done well for yourself. Congratulations, you deserve it.  I think it was smart of Kamado Joe to do this. Kamado Joe has certainly shown that they know how to run a business and also market their product. This will be great for Kamado Joe and I hope for you too.

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