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Future: Man Cave Meals

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Brew vids kicking around anywhere?


I need to upload those to my personal channel... I'll try to do that this weekend.




I still don't see these videos out there, I got a friend that is wanting to start brewing and I was recommending your videos as a good starting point for him. Are you still planning on putting these up, John?

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As you can see, I am very late to this discussion. I bought my Kamado Classic some years ago in large part because of the character I perceived in you, Mr. Setzler as you spoke about its benefits. It is rare to witness an honest, true, and sincere man, and it is always a pleasure when you find one. There is no doubt in my mind that it is Kamado Joe who is the beneficiary of this arrangement with you, but I know that you would not have entered into this arrangement if it did not suit you, also. Congratulations, Mr. Setzler! Well Done.

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