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I screwed up with a after cook burn off

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Cooked some ribs and hamburgers yesterday. When taking the hamburgers inside, I opened the vents to burn off the grate. Once I got inside I forgot what was going on outside and watched too much TV.

Then it clicked. I ran outside and the dome gauge was bottomed out at 700 degrees. I shut everything down.

The top vent was very hard to close like it was melted.

The lid gasket is crispy.

What else should I check and what needs replacing?

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There is a black plastic o ring on the top vent that prob got toasted as well. That would not make it hard to close the vent though. Does it open and close better today?

The vent moves easy today, too easy. It's a little loose.

The good news is, I just fired it back up and got a good smoke going then closed everything off. Not much more smoke escaping than normal.

Maybe there isn't too much damage after all.

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I had a fire in mine and the ash trap gasket was fused to the cooker. I scraped it off with a plastic scraper --crumbled the carbon out of it and am still using it. Those stock gaskets on the AKORN are pretty tough when if comes to heat.


I do burn offs on the AKORN the thing is I never leave until the smoke is clear and I have closed the vents. After a cook it will hit 600 in a matter of minutes.

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I have completed this exact same scenario LOL. When all the damage was surveyed I ended up ruining the ashpan factory gasket, the ashpan BGE Felt, Lid BGE Felt and the O ring on the top vent.. I went the route of using self adhesive nomex on bottom lid and on top and bottom of ashpan.. It worked on ashpan only having 1/8 and 1/8 of Nomex.. Still need to replace top O ring but with hunting season upon me its been escaping my list of priorities. 


I have never attempted another burn off.. Instead for cleaning now when creosote build occurs I use a big wad of foil scraping all into ashpan. 

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I am guilty of this on more than one occasion, sometimes I get distracted with my son or something else and that Akorn will get fired up to hellfire temps in no time flat! Especially if I have recently done a low n slow butt cook. The gasket near the lid hinge got a little deformed on this last runaway but it seems to be functioning fine. I agree that one shouldn't leave ANY cooker unattended but as someone else said, stuff happens. There are plenty of resources here in regard to gasket replacement/upgrade. I personally would just get a replacement Char-Griller gasket and be more cautious in the future. Good luck to you, whatever you do.

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