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Ribeyes & mashed 'taters


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Great looking meal!! What is GD? You'll have to excuse me for not understanding and I'm sure once you tell me I'll kick myself for not figuring it out

Heh, I think that was #3 & I have no idea how I replaced GF with GD. That's been fixed now, and on that note I'm firing up the Akorn for some burgers while she does fries...will post on that later!

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Those steaks look stupid good!  Nothing beats steak and beer.  Have you ever tried cooking ribeyes down and dirty?  I got pretty good at cooking steaks on my Akorn (mine never looked as good as yours!) but then I read about cooking directly on a bed of hardwood lump charcoal and had to try it.  My wife thought I was crazy but then I did it and it was life changing!    

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