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Here is my list of current kamado videos (as of Nov 2, 2014) all done with a red Chargriller Kamado King Kooker (Akorn):



Chuck Roast: The Brisket Alternative - Larry Carpenter, Chargriller Kamado

Ribeye Roast - Kamado Style - Larry Carpenter, Chargriller Kamado

BBQ Brisket - Kamado Style - Larry Carpenter, Chargriller Kamado



Bourbon-Maple Glazed Ribs - Larry Carpenter, Chargriller Kamado

Chorizo Tacos With Grilled Tomatillo-Pasilla Salsa - Larry Carpenter, Chargriller Kamado

Whiskey Glazed Pork Loin Roast - Larry Carpenter, Chargriller Kamado

How To Low & Slow (& make great pulled pork) - Larry Carpenter, Chargriller Kamado



Thanksgiving Turkey - Kamado Style - Larry Carpenter, Chargriller Kamado

Turkey Breast on a Kamado -Larry Carpenter, Chargriller Kamado



Venison Roast - Larry Carpenter, Chargriller Kamado

Grill-Roasted Venison Backstrap - Larry Carpenter, Chargriller Kamado



Grilled Tomato-Garlic-Herb Pizza - Without Using a Stone - Larry Carpenter, Chargriller Kamado



Roasted Garlic and Rosemary Bread - Larry Carpenter, Chargriller Kamado






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On 2/9/2015 at 4:10 AM, Marty said:

All I can say is WOW. There are a LOT of videos here in one place. This is an amazing resource. I usually just use the view new content button and do not see the whole collection.


Time to bring her back Marty, time to bring her back...B)


A great resource     :woot:

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      Hey Kamado Fans,
      I've recently inherited a antique Kinurra Yaki Kamado size #5 from my grandfather who purchased it new in the late 1950s while overseas. It is still factory wrapped, with cardboard padding around it, and rope holding all the pieces together. This thing is as good as it gets. It's currently in Burke, VA and I'm looking to sell it. If anyone is interested please email me: parkergriffo@gmail.com

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      Made these Jack and Coke chicken thighs last night, recipe courtesy of http://howtobbqright.com/2016/10/07/jack-coke-chicken-thighs/.  Turned out incredible!  Meat was super rich and juicy, the skin tighten up with the ultra flavorful tacky glaze, and they even formed up pretty nice.  I served them with some sweet corn on the cob, pasta salad with fresh mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh basil, and some other things, and a mustard vinaigrette butter lettuce salad.
      My only recipe modifications were that I used peach preserves instead of pineapple because I couldn't find pineapple, and I used half the brown sugar that the recipe said in the glaze because my all purpose rub has some sugar and the one he uses does not.  Next time, I would make the glaze slightly less salty to let some of the other notes shine through a bit more, and I might put a little less wood one before smoking.  Overall very happy with how these turned out and encourage y'all to try it!
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      300℃ and 10 minutes, the skills is how to put the pizza upper on the paddle :)) 

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      Seems like a great deal for someone that lives a bit closer. $500 for a huge K7 with some nice accessories. The price is cheaper than lots of new models....
      Happy Easter!
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