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Thick Steak Reverse Sear on a Kamado Cooker - Video

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I threw a marinated rib-eye on the Akorn on Friday night. I let it warm over the coals as they heated up, then opened the lid and let it sear over the flames once they got nice and hot. Turned out good!


Melted some blue cheese over the sliced meat, and enjoyed it with some roasted brussels sprouts and sauteed mushrooms. I was flying solo as the family went off to see a play, so I threw this together while working on one of my motorcycles..


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Nice cook. P.S. This one seems like a recipe to me. It explains what to buy, how to season, how to set up the grill, how to cook, how to tell when it's done, and shows the finished product.

Rules for posting in the recipe forum:

1. You must include the following information in each post: Recipe Title (should also be the subject of the post), ingredients, directions, and your thoughts on the recipe. 

2. If at all possible, please include a photo or photos of the finished recipe or provide a link to the photo. 

3. If the recipe is not your recipe, please give credit where credit is due. If you based your recipe on another recipe, please try to include that along with the modifications you made. 




All I see is a video link to external content.  That in itself is fine but I can't include it in the recipe section.

Here is an example of a recipe post with video and picture.  http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/520-one-dish-meal-beer-braised-chili/


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    • By GrillDawg
      Having some guys over on Sunday evening to hang out and I'm wanting to get them all steaks. Would prefer to do some kind of reverse sear.
      Since I won't be able to fit them all on the grill, I was thinking put them all in the oven to temp and then sear them. 
      Anyone see a flaw in my plan? Any advice on grilling 10-12 steaks on a KJ Classic II?
    • By AK-g
      Im going to try some pork ribs tomorrow, got them in the fridge with the membrane off and the rub on
      I tried them twice in the past on my old offset...first time was rubbish and second time was absolute failure lol.
      This time its on the kamado so hopefully they will come out better :D
      Any hints and tips from anyone?
      what about measuring the meat temps?
      I will post the outcome
    • By GrillDawg
      Fired up the Kamado Joe today for some baby back ribs. Followed the video @John Setzler posted on YouTube. My rack ended up being a little smaller than the one in the video so I never quite got the bend test, but these were definitely some of the best ribs I have ever had. Pics below!
      Baby Back Ribs
      Rub: A custom one made by Lanes BBQ (a local BBQ place located in Bethlehem, GA). On Father's Day our church gave out a custom rub Lane's made to all the dads. It was great!!
      Sauce: Sweet Baby Ray's diluted with some apple juice
      Cook time: 5ish hours
      Smoked with some cherry blocks
      1. Put them on the grill around 12:30PM

      2. ~2 hours into cook
      3. Profile shot (~3 hours)

      4. Gettin' saucy (~4 hours)
      5. Nice color and glaze. This was right before I took them off.

      6. Plated w/ roasted broccoli and cauliflower plus roll

      7. Yessir!

      8. Fall off the bone!

      9. Gotta shoutout to one of my favorite breweries and they are located 5 min away: Terrapin Beer!

      Really enjoyed this cook today. Excited to take the leftovers and make a hash with them in the morning!
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