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Thick Steak Reverse Sear on a Kamado Cooker - Video


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I threw a marinated rib-eye on the Akorn on Friday night. I let it warm over the coals as they heated up, then opened the lid and let it sear over the flames once they got nice and hot. Turned out good!


Melted some blue cheese over the sliced meat, and enjoyed it with some roasted brussels sprouts and sauteed mushrooms. I was flying solo as the family went off to see a play, so I threw this together while working on one of my motorcycles..


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Nice cook. P.S. This one seems like a recipe to me. It explains what to buy, how to season, how to set up the grill, how to cook, how to tell when it's done, and shows the finished product.

Rules for posting in the recipe forum:

1. You must include the following information in each post: Recipe Title (should also be the subject of the post), ingredients, directions, and your thoughts on the recipe. 

2. If at all possible, please include a photo or photos of the finished recipe or provide a link to the photo. 

3. If the recipe is not your recipe, please give credit where credit is due. If you based your recipe on another recipe, please try to include that along with the modifications you made. 




All I see is a video link to external content.  That in itself is fine but I can't include it in the recipe section.

Here is an example of a recipe post with video and picture.  http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/520-one-dish-meal-beer-braised-chili/


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    • By pittmab
      First attempt at chicken shawarma last night on the Joetisserie.
      Came out really good, very pleased with the result and so easy. Juicy, tender moist chicken, with gnarled crispy edges.
      Followed Smoking Dad's recipe from his YouTube video.

    • By LJS
      Hi Kamado Peeps,
      So, my friend bought me a 100 day grain fed Cattleman’s cut. I went reversed seared method, but not finished off in pan ON the GRILL
      Slowly brought her internal up to 49° Internal and rare. I had a steady burnt with cherry wood for over an hour.  Let rest and then finished off sliced on a bed on mashed potatoes, blanched asparagus with chimichurri homemade sauce.
      What a brilliant pcs of meat just so good. One day I might spend the money and try a Wagu…
      Keep smoking

    • By LJS
      Hi Kamado Peeps,
      Did a reverse sear over the weekend with some chimichurri sauce.
      Scotch fillet a good inch or two thick smokes with cheery wood for about 1.30 hours and then seared. Set my probe on rare so internal was 49°but a little too rare for the wife so next time I will sear longer of go for a medium rare. The steak was fabulous for me dressed with sauce and some roasted veggies.
      I have ordered some dry aging bags, so I hope there get to me soon as I am super excite to try dry aging and then reverse searing or even just a grill/searing.
      Any tips and/or links for dry again will be appreciated.
      Keep smoking

    • By LJS
      Hi Kamada peeps
      Chimichurri sauce with all herbs from our garden except oil and garlic, our garlic is still growing lol. Reversed seared scotch fillet with back vegetable, fresh salad and a good red.
      Keep smoking

    • By Kamado_Rich
      I thought I'd care a great cook experience with you all that I just had.  I have a Kamado Joe Big Joe III and I reverse seared some USDA Prime Ribeye's that I picked up at CostCo today.  I used the flexible cooking system and used one half of the heat deflector plates and left the other half open to flame.  I seasoned the steak in the Meat Church Holy Cow seasoning and let them sweat out while I got the grill to temperature. I set big reg to 225 for smoking and it took about an hour (give or take to get the ribeye's to about 120 degrees. After that I opened up the Big Joe and let her rip to about 500-550 degrees and then seared the steaks for about three minutes aside.  I also made a compound butter consisting of rosemary, Italian seasoning, fresh garlic, salt and pepper.  After searing, I took tented the steaks in foil and let the compound butter melt on top.  Lastly, I did some twice baked potatoes in the oven.  All that said, the pictures speak volumes compared to this brief description.  This is probably the best steak I've ever cooked.  Just wanted to share.  Thanks to everyone that's continued to help me on my journey in Kamado style cooking!

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