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Boomer's Party Chicken Wings

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Party Chicken Wings


This recipe is for approximately 4 lbs.  Don’t hesitate in making more of this blend!

It will NOT be firey hot and burn your taste buds! 


·      ¼ Cup Olive Oil

·      ¼ Cup Franks Red

·      1 tbsp Lemon Juice

·      1 tsp Kosher Salt

·      1 tsp Cayenne Pepper

·      1 tsp Black Pepper

·      1 Clove Garlic finely minced

·      Place wings in  large ziplock  and lay flat with all the above for 1.5 – 2.0 hrs in fridge

·      Remove from fridge and let stand at room temp while you fire up the grill and get the fire good and HOT (approx. 450 degrees)!


Sauce Mix

(Do not make this till chicken is off the grill.  Butter will congeal once it sits)


·      ½ to 1 stick unsalted butter

·      ¼ Cup Franks Red

·      ½ Cup BBQ Sauce


(Place wings in large bowl and mix with sauce thoroughly)


For Variety


Make half of the batch without sauce and the other half with.

Provide Blue Cheese and BBQ Sauce to dip in for batch without sauce mix.


Gas  Grill information:


Maintain all three burners on at “mid” setting.


Heat grill to 450 degrees at beginning then maintain 325-350 degrees throughout.


·      Skin side down when first placing on grates (coat meat or grates with a light coat of olive oil to prevent sticking)

·      Watch for HOT SPOTS  on the grill

·      5 mins till first turn

·      15 mins second turn

·      8-10 mins more and then remove 

·      Allow chicken to rest for 5 minutes before serving


Approximate cook time 25 mins.




I still need to perfect these on my Kamado!




Soaking overnight:






Getting ready for the grill:





I made 4 lbs of these.  Went outside to do more BBQing.  Came in a little later and this was all that was left!




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Looks great! Why not cook indirect on your kamado? Even heat with no hot spots.

I did something similar the other day on my Akorn. Set up direct heat with weber bricket holders and foiled indirect side with foil to catch the drippings.


Ready for dipping sauces.


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Made these tonight for the second time. They are now my wife's favorite chicken wing! I marinated for 5 hours, used the diffuser, but no sauce after the grill. A perfect amount of heat, as even my 10 year old loves them.

This is my first post but I have been lurking for a couple of months and have learned a ton about kamado grilling. Thanks to you all! Tomorrow, a 10 pound butt for pulled pork! 7b683d3e2ba6e86f43804607aa151bb4.jpg

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