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First of 2014 will be?

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Sounds like a good start...  I'm being a bit more conservative than you...

Just finished up breakfast that was fried eggs, prime rib, wheat toast and cheddar cheese.  I'm starting a pot of black eyed peas as soon as I'm done here and I'll warm up a cure 81 spiral ham on the kamado in a few hours, I'll serve coleslaw and cornbread with lunch.

Happy New Year!

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Had brisket, eggs and pancakes for breakfast.

Got a pork roast with Sauerkraut and sliced Granny Smiths in a Dutch oven going on the KJ (wife of German descent), and a big pot of Black-eyed peas and another of mixed turnip and collard greens (both with healthy chunks of hog jowl ;) ) for me in the kitchen. The wifey will make some rice later and we will mix some of it with some of the peas and create what was called "Hoppin' John" where I grew up in Tennessee. New Year's Day traditional food from both sides of the family. Redneck German!

Happy 2014!

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My wife attended to the Hoppin John and corn bread (amended with some chopped fermented jalapeño) as the morning late brunch with some turnips & greens also for good measure. Son made a morning after punch of orange juice, limeade, white wine, orange zest, and a bit of vodka with a pinch of fine chopped fresh parsley.

The dough has risen nicely overnight for pizza on Big Joe later this evening using some fresh hot Italian sausage on one and veggies on another. Pizza sauce made last night developing flavor nicely.

Happy 2014 to all! ... And good cooking, too!

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I've got leftover Wellington, leftover NY strip, leftover lobster, and leftover bone-in pork loin.  With only my wife and me in the house, the leftovers pile up, and she reaches the point where I am forbidden from starting a new cook.  As frustrating as it is, I must agree; I hate wasting food.  So, it's going to be some really good leftovers for us tonight.

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